Ing. Heinrich Rabl GmbH
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  1. Sales will be executed exclusively at our general sales conditions and the uniform condition of the condition-cartel of the Austrian Silk Manufacturers.

  1. The delivered goods remain property of the supplier until complete payment has been received. This refers also to goods partly or completely manufactured by the purchaser.

  1. Pledging or assignment as security in favour of a third person, without agreement of the vendor are excluded. In the case of seizure by a third person the purchaser is bound to notify the vendor immediately.

  1. The purchaser is entitled to manipulate or to manufacture the delivered goods. The manipulation or working-up of goods ensues for the vendor without any commitment arising for him.

  1. When manipulating or working-up of the delivered goods with other goods not belonging to the vendor a share of the joint – property ensuing thereof at the object ensued by manipulation or working-up is due to the latter in relation of the value of the delivered goods to the other manufactured goods at the time of the working-up and combination. In case the purchaser acquires the sole property of the new object the purchaser grants the vendor already now the joint property in relation of the value of the worked-up or combined goods in reservation to the value of the combined object and will keep the same in custody without any charge for the vendor, until selling in the course of normal business.

  1. The vendor is not liable to payment of any damages whatsoever, occurring on the side of the entrepreneur. The buyer takes responsibility to pass this restriction of liability fully on to all buyers, which for their part are responsible of passing it on to subsequent buyers. The buyer is liable to any infringements occurring.

  1. Force Majeure (strikes, Acts of God, etc.) as well as causes beyond our control and prevent the timely or entire delivery of goods, relieve us from fulfilling the contract, either partially or completely. Claims for damages are excluded in such instances, or in the event of a plant shut-down for other reasons for a period of not more than three weeks. Under such circumstances we are, in any event, also entitled to an appropriate extension of the time of delivery.

  1. The seller reserves the right to reduce the confirmed quantity in the event of insufficient raw material supplies caused by our suppliers and to increase the confirmed price in the event of unforeseen increase of cost raw material.

  1. Payments received will be put on account of the earliest dated open invoice at the moment.

  1. In case of delay of payment we are authorised to debit 12% interest per annum for default. We are member of the Association Kreditschutzverband von 1970, Vienna.

  1. Complaints shall be filed within 14 days of delivery and prior to cutting-up the material. Hidden defects shall be reported not later than six months after receipt of merchandise.

  1. Place of Performance: Vienna, Place of Jurisdiction: Krems, in seller’s option also buyer’s normal place of jurisdiction on without recourse to the ordinary course of law, arbitration under the rules of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

  1. In case of non-compliance with agree upon payment-terms the vendor is not bound to execute further deliveries.


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